Review Scripts.

Review copies of all of our scripts may be purchased in hard copy* or downloaded from (*UK customers only – overseas customers please visit our perusal scripts page for details on how to obtain an electronic download)

Use of Review Scripts.

Review scripts are provided for the purposes of review only. Possession of a review copy does not convey any rights to the public performance of the script, in whole or in part. (see Performance Licences) Removal of security watermarks from our review copies is totally forbidden and constitutes a breach of copyright.

Performance Scripts.

You can purchase performance scripts in either hard copy* or as a downloadable master copy. If you purchase a set of performance scripts in hard copy, we will provide you with one script for each character, plus four additional cast copies for producer, director, prompt, etc. If you require additional hard copies of a script, these can be requested and purchased from Limelight Scripts at a reduced cost. (*UK customers only – overseas customers can only purchase performance scripts as an electronic master copy download)

Use of performance scripts.

Performance scripts are provided for the purposes of preparing for a production. Possession of a set of performance scripts does not convey any rights to the public performance of the script. A performance licence must first be purchased from Limelight Scripts according to the scale of fees set out on our Fees page.

Can I modify the scripts?

Yes you can. Inserting topical jokes and local names is perfectly acceptable and doesn’t need our permission. But we realise that a one-size-fits-all isn’t practical for most groups and we are generally happy for customers to tailor our scripts to suit their own needs. However, if you are planning to make large alterations to any of our scripts, then you must contact Limelight Scripts and ask for our explicit permission. Just tell us what you are considering doing and send us a copy of the planned alterations. We will almost certainly agree (unless the alterations contain explicit material unsuitable for a family audience and incompatible with our SafeSurf policy) and just ask that customers put ‘Adapted by’ followed by the name of their group underneath the title and source of the script on any programmes, posters and other promotional material.

Can we video our shows?

Yes you can. Providing you have first purchased a videotaping licence from Limelight Scripts. You are then allowed to make as many copies as you like and can even sell them to members of your own group. However, you are expressly forbidden to offer them for sale to the general public.

Performance Licences.

Performance licences are only issued to customers who have purchased a full set of performance scripts in either hard copy or as a downloadable master copy from Limelight Scripts and entitles the holder to perform a script for the dates agreed. You are not allowed to transfer the licence to a third party. Alter, modify, publish, distribute, sell, broadcast, transmit, create derivative works from, or edit any content of the work covered by this licence without the express permission of Limelight Scripts. Any such activity constitutes copyright infringement and may result in termination of service and possible legal action.

What constitutes a performance?

Any performance in front of an audience incurs performance royalties. Rehearsals do not count as performances, but... if you allow an audience to see your dress rehearsal, this counts as a performance (some groups do this at a reduced entry charge) and is liable for performance royalties.

Venue Capacity.

For amateur performances, royalties are charged according to the maximum seating capacity of the venue not the actual number of people who see the show. If you do a tour with multiple venues of different sizes, then the royalties will reflect the capacity of each venue.

Change of venue.

If a change of venue changes the seating capacity, then the performance royalties will change and you will be liable for either additional charges or eligible for a refund. You must contact Limelight Scripts as soon as such a change is confirmed to agree the changes to the performance fee.

Change of performance requirements.

We realise that performance requirements can change during the planning of a production, therefore…if you plan additional performances, or wish to change the proposed dates of your show/s. Then you can contact Limelight Scripts and ask for an amended performance licence to cover the new dates. (please give us as much notice as possible) The amended performance licence will then supersede the original one, and will incur no extra charges if it covers the same number of shows as the original licence.

Supply of Music & Sound Effects.

All of our scripts come with a suggested songs and music cues list. A handful also come with a full soundtrack containing all the suggested songs, music and sound effects and this will be indicated at the end of the scripts in question. Full soundtracks can be purchased from Limelight Scripts for a modest fee* – please enquire – and are supplied either on a CD or emailed as mp3's, upon payment of the requested fee. *Any fee charged by Limelight Scripts for full soundtracks, covers solely for the service, supply and public use of sound effects (SFX’s) and incidental music created by Limelight Scripts. In order to use other copyrighted material contained therein in your show, you must first ensure that your venue is covered by a PRS and or a PPL licence. (all venues using recorded or live music must by law hold a PRS and or a PPL licence)

Organisation Information.

Most organisations are charged at the same rate as Amateur Theatre Companies. But professional theatre companies are charged in a different way. If your company falls into a different category and you believe that you should be treated differently, then please send a query e-mail to Limelight Scripts giving us a brief explanation of your reason for special treatment, and we will consider your request. If you are buying a script on behalf of an organisation, please use the organisation's name. We will use the organisation's name when we issue performance licences. Organisations which have formal purchasing systems may require their own order reference to be used for a purchase. If you belong to such an organisation, please supply your order reference number. And we will use it on any documents we send to you.

Our Privacy Policy.

Limelight Scripts collects the information you enter into our order forms. This is necessary in order that we can do our business, which is to provide you with scripts and performance licences. We do not gather any information about you that is not part of doing our business with you. And we only use the information to respond to your orders and deliver scripts and performance licences to you. The information you provide will only be disclosed to the staff of Limelight Scripts. Limelight Scripts will not disclose information about you to any third party unless required to do so by law. And we do not engage in the sale of mailing lists or other personal information.

Copyright Information.

All scripts provided by Limelight Scripts are protected by international copyright. Using any of the material contained within them, without the express permission of Limelight Scripts constitutes a breach of copyright. Breach of copyright is actionable in a court of law.

Other Information.

In case you have reached this page without seeing our panto scripts. Please feel free to visit our home page, where you will find links to all of our scripts. If you can't find the information you are looking for here, then try our FAQ's. Limelight Scripts retains the right to remove permission to use of any of our scripts, if we judge that our terms and conditions have been abused.