Pantomime Script Award

We are pleased to announce that our Beauty and the Beast pantomime has won a prestigious theatre award in Canada for Best Panto. And it now joins the growing list of our pantos that have won awards, both in the UK and abroad.

Where are pantos performed?

Whilst the majority of pantos are still performed in the UK. Limelight Scripts also have dozens of pantomimes being performed in every corner of the world, every year.

From Beijing to Berlin, Qatar to Queensland, pantomime audiences being entertained by our pantos. And we would like to thank all those groups both in the UK and abroad, who choose our scripts year after year. We really appreciate your custom and look forward to serving you in the future.

Videoing your show

Many of our customers send us DVD’s of their shows, which me and Jackie really enjoy watching, aand would love to add your group’s DVD to our library.

Watching DVD’s of our customers shows

Me and Jackie like nothing better than settling down on the settee, with drinks and popcorn to watch the latest DVD sent to us. And over the years, we have seen some truly outstanding pantos.

Local Panto Awards

If your drama or panto group have received good reviews or won any theatrical awards after performing one of our pantos. Then please do let us know, as we would be delighted to hear all about it.

Just send us a write up and any images from the show, and we might even feature your group right here on our front page.