Panto Reviews

Rapunzel ‘A Tangled Panto’ 

Reviewer – John Brindley – Loughborough Echo – January 2018

Firstly, hands up I wasn’t intending to write a review when I bought tickets for Thringstone Pantomime and Drama Society’s performance of Rapunzel.

But the joyful experience that followed was such however that I’d hate to think the efforts of this group weren’t recorded in print by the Echo.

In short, this production, which continues until Saturday evening, is fantastic entertainment.

I’d go as far as to say it’s been the highlight of my particular festive season.

The first thought that struck me was the high quality of the writing.

I’m not someone to laugh out loud very easily but this was like being hit with verbal gunfire. The pace was so good and the jokes flowed so well it was like staggering from one laugh to another.

The first half, in particular, was classic panto that went well over the heads of the younger members of the audience but had the adults rolling in the aisles.

Noda review for Alice In Wonderland

This pantomime was comedy-based all the way, and the fast-paced script offered lots of parts for all the company.

I would thoroughly recommend Alice In Wonderland to any society wanting to give its audience a good, clean, slightly different from the traditional pantomime, yet very enjoyable evening’s entertainment.

The script is well written, the jokes fairly new, clean and funny to all ages, it also gives plenty of scope for budding principals both in character, comedic and romantic roles to show what they are capable of. The Chorus too has plenty to do in various guises, as do the children. A very funny and cleverly written script, from Limelight Scripts.

Another review for Alice In Wonderland

I spent a delightful evening watching a panto of Alice In Wonderland, and trying to make sense of the goings on in Muddleup Wood, in order to save the future of Wonderland. I had read the story as a child, and back then found it disjointed and difficult to make sense of. But here I found myself enjoying the whimsical story-line in this production, perhaps far more than other productions of well-known Aladdin’s and Cinderella’s. This show flowed beautifully from set to set.

So even though this story made for a slightly different pantomime, we still had a wonderful dame in the guise of Dame Millie, Alice’s mother. A wicked, scheming Knave of Spades and a mystical wizard who held the key to it all. Not to mention Wally the Joker, who delivered all the silly jokes, that we’ve heard before but can never think of the punch line quick enough.

The Queen of Hearts vent her violent frustration throughout the show, but found happiness in the final scene when her simpering husband finally gets the message. The wonderful sergeant and soldiers were very long suffering with the Queen’s violent outbursts, and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee were ridiculously riveting. And true to the original script there was a mystical Cheshire Cat and of course a fabulously surreal Mad Hatter’s tea party.

The up-to-date comments on the fallibility of Sat Navs, and the modern day importance of fashion, with the caterpillar’s transformation into the butterfly’s wings being ‘part of my summer collection’ did not go unnoticed. The Princess of Hearts and Prince of Diamonds provided the love interest and in true panto style, were safely married in the end.

Noda review for Aladdin And The Little Mermaid

Oh what a show! What an absolute delight! I am referring to the pantomime I saw on Sunday afternoon at the John Godber Centre.

Aladdin and the Little Mermaid was exceptional. It had everything you could wish for from a pantomime. Great songs, dance, jokes and above all energy and vibrancy.

Thank you to all concerned for a super show which in my opinion rivalled some professional shows.

Bromsgrove Standard review for Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington provided a truly magnificent evening of festive entertainment which left the audience buzzing and, surely, voiceless from all the booing and cheering.

With quick-fire one-liners coming thick and fast and more double entendres than you can shake a stick at. This show is as much for adults as it is for the children, just as the perfect pantomime should be.

A hugely talented cast brought a fantastic script to life and delivered a superb seasonal show just in time for Christmas. There was an abundance of comedy from characters Shovel and Spade/Mustapha and Leak, along with the hapless Captain Bilgewater. Not to mention Floribunda and the Sultan.

Idle Jack got the crowd going well and they were soon putty in his hands.

But the performance of the evening went to, arguably the best panto villain of all, King Rat. Who had the audience booing, hissing and shouting at him loudly for the duration he was on stage and he earned every single reaction with his performance of evil personified.

The most breath-taking scenes of the evening was the Under the Sea’ UV scene. It was magical, mesmerising and was, rightfully, given the loudest cheer and applause of the evening.

A Review by for Aladdin A Genie-us Panto

Aladdin is a traditional tale of good eventually overcoming evil, in which a poor-boy made-good overcomes a wicked wizard. Not to mention an impossible mother and irrepressible kid brother.

Plus an irritable Chinese emperor and his not-so-secret police, eventually to marry his princess.

Magical caves, lamps and rings, dancing skeletons and an imperial palace. A magic carpet ride that makes Ryanair seem comfortable. Plus an abominable snowman, all provide distractions on a fantastic journey – in the version by Limelight Scripts – of which J K Rowling might be proud.