NewPantos from Limelight Scripts 

Peter Pan

For years we have had customers asking if we hand any plans to write a Peter Pan, pantomime script.

Our answer has always been that we weren’t, because dealing with Great Ormond Street Hospital, who hold the performing rights, has always proved problematic.

However, we are now pleased to say that we will soon have our own version of Peter Pan available.

Hopefully by the end of July. But we will notify customers when it becomes available.

The Story

Limelight Scripts version follows the story faithfully, beginning in the nursery of the Darling house. Where Wendy, John and Michael first encounter Peter Pan and his erstwhile companion, Tinkerbell.

From there they fly to Neverland and do battle with the infamous Captain Hook.

Hook is aided and abetted by his somewhat reluctant first mate, Mr Smee, and two pirates called, Rum and Cove.

Captain Hook’s nemesis, the ticking crocodile is also there. As are the Lost Boys, the Indians and the Mermaids.

The traditional dame appears in the guise of the Darling’s Nanny McPea, who answers an advert and unwittingly becomes Captain Hook’s cook.

But on the way to the bus stop, she is suddenly whisked away to Neverland, after Tinkerbell accidentally-on-purpose drops her magic dust on her.

Peter Pan is one of the all time favourite pantomimes, and we are sure that you won’t be disappointed with our version. It has all the elements of J.M Barrie’s wonderful story, but done in Limelight Script’s inimitable panto style.

More new Pantos

We have several more new pantos nearing completion, including another exciting Wild West panto.

Watch out for news of that and the other new pantos arriving in the coming weeks and months.