Pantomime Scripts (Perusal)

Please note:

Perusal scripts are strictly for the purposes of review only. You are forbidden to use them in any other way whatsoever. Doing so is a breach of our copyright.

Purchasing a perusal script does not entitle you to perform that script. If you wish to perform one of our scripts, you must first purchase either an electronic master copy (without watermarks), or a full set of scripts in hard copy and pay the required fees.

Ordering from outside of the UK?

If you are ordering from outside of the UK and wish to obtain a perusal script -  please download and complete the perusal script order form available here and then email it back to us for processing.

Pirates Of The Panto

Synopsis: Set sail for ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ style fun and adventure on the high seas. Zac..


Puss In Boots

Synopsis: Fairy Feline wants to help a young man called Tom, claim his inheritance. But first s..


Rapunzel A Tangled Panto

Synopsis Rapunzel has been taken from her parents the King and Queen as a baby by witch..


Red Riding Hood 'The Panto'

Synopsis Little Red Riding Hood is about to take a basket of goodies to her Granny who lives de..


Robin Hood And His Merry Men

Synopsis: Robin Hood and his hapless band of misfits pit themselves against the nasty Sheriff o..


Robin Hood And The Babes In The Wood

Synopsis: The wicked and greedy Prince John is desperate to become King, but his brother King R..


Robin Hood And The Witches Of Sherwood

Synopsis: The whole of Nottingham is being terrorised by the nasty Sheriff of Nottingham, under..


Robinson Crusoe And The Pirates

Synopsis: Robinson Crusoe is a 'world-famous' explorer, the only problem being that no one..


Rumpelstiltskin 'The Panto'

Synopsis: Gertie Gusset a dressmaker has just received an order for five-hundred army uniforms ..


Scrooge 'The Panto'

Synopsis: Charles Dickens’s Scrooge given the panto treatment in this version of ‘A Christmas C..


Sinbad The Sailor

Synopsis: Sinbad returns from his latest voyage and his poor mother is gobsmacked when he infor..


Sleeping Beauty Version 1

Synopsis: Dame Thyme has hit on hard times and her and her son Justin, have been surviving on a..


Sleeping Beauty Version 2

Synopsis: The Kingdom of Slumberland is about to celebrate the Christening of Princess Aur..


Snow White 1

Synopsis: Following the death of her mother, Princess Snow White's father eventually remarries...


Snow White 2

Synopsis: Queen Asphyxia is totally obsessed with her looks and if her magic mirror discovers a..


The Emperor's New Clothes

Synopsis: Based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale, this delightful panto follows the mis..


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