Pantomime Scripts (Perusal)

Please note:

Perusal scripts are strictly for the purposes of review only. You are forbidden to use them in any other way whatsoever. Doing so is a breach of our copyright.

Purchasing a perusal script does not entitle you to perform that script. If you wish to perform one of our scripts, you must first purchase either an electronic master copy (without watermarks), or a full set of scripts in hard copy and pay the required fees.

Ordering from outside of the UK?

If you are ordering from outside of the UK and wish to obtain a perusal script -  please download and complete the perusal script order form available here and then email it back to us for processing.

Dick Whittington And His Magical Cat

Synopsis: Dick Whittington, a simple country boy from Gloucester makes his way to London seekin..


Dick Whittington And The Caribbean Pirates

Synopsis: The story of a poor boy from Gloucester, who comes to London seeking his fortune an..


Dick Whittington Version 1

Synopsis: King Rat plans to use his hoards of rats in order to bring London to its knees and ta..


Dick Whittington Version 2

Synopsis: Dick Whittington a poor farmboy from Gloucester, heads to London to seek his fortune ..


Dracula ‘The Panto'

Synopsis: Looking for something a little bit different? Then why not try this terrific script, ..


Frankenstein ‘A Monster Panto'

Synopsis: Dame Ida Locket has just arrived in Transylvania along with her son Roger, and her da..


Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Synopsis: The Royal Family of Beargonia have been turned into bears by an evil witch called Fro..


Hansel And Gretel

Synopsis: In the quiet town of Pleasantville there reside two rival bakers, who both claim to b..


Humpty Dumpty And The Magic Wall

Synopsis: The Kingdom of Eggstonia is happy and carefree and their happiness will continue whil..


Jack And The Beanstalk Version 1

Synopsis: The village of Merrydale is being terrorised by the Giant Blunderbore and his henchma..


Jack And The Beanstalk Version 2

Synopsis: Trott's Dairy is broke and she faces eviction by the brokers men. So Dame Trott reluc..


King Arthur 'The Panto'

Synopsis: Under good King Arthur's rule, Camelot is a peaceful and happy place. Until one day, ..


Little Panto Of Horrors

Synopsis A unique panto based on The Little Shop Of Horrors. Flora Flowerpot's shop is deeply i..


Mother Goose

Synopsis: Mother Goose is desperate to recover her youthful looks and ends up parting with her ..


Old Mother Hubbard

Synopsis: Old Mother Hubbard is the proprietor of the local orphanage and is struggling to keep..


Pinocchio 'The Panto'

Synopsis: The magical story of the little wooden puppet who longs to be a real boy, retold in a..


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