Pantomime Scripts (Perusal)

Please note:

Perusal scripts are strictly for the purposes of review only. You are forbidden to use them in any other way whatsoever. Doing so is a breach of our copyright.

Purchasing a perusal script does not entitle you to perform that script. If you wish to perform one of our scripts, you must first purchase either an electronic master copy (without watermarks), or a full set of scripts in hard copy and pay the required fees.

Ordering from outside of the UK?

If you are ordering from outside of the UK and wish to obtain a perusal script -  please download and complete the perusal script order form available here and then email it back to us for processing.

Aladdin A Genie-us Panto

Synopsis: The traditional story of the poor laundry boy, who gets ideas far above his stat..


Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp

Synopsis: The traditional Aladdin tale, featuring the cheeky laundry boy who has ideas above hi..


Aladdin And The Little Mermaid

Synopsis: A traditional panto, which cleverly blends the story of Aladdin with the tale of The ..


Aladdin Version 1

Synopsis: Comedy and intrigue in the Far East, or is it the Middle East? Widow Twankey's laund..


Aladdin Version 2

Synopsis: The traditional story of the poor laundry boy, who gets ideas above his station. Alad..


Ali Baba & The Raiders Of The Lost Pyramid

Synopsis Mustafa Leak and his band of forty thieves (well two of them anyway) are terrorisin..


Alice In Wonderland

Synopsis: A delightful panto set in Lewis Carrol's fantastical Wonderland and featuring many of..


Babes In The Wood

Synopsis: The wicked Prince John plans to have his absent brother King Richard’s children kidna..


Beauty And The Beast

Synopsis: Baguette's Bakery is awaiting a royal visitor in the shape of the handsome but vain P..


Caesar 'The Panto'

Synopsis: Ancient antics involving barmy Brits and ridiculous Romans. The Senate aren’t happy w..


Calamity Jane 'The Panto'

Synopsis: Calamity Jane emigrates from Yorkshire England to the American Wild West, expecting t..


Cinderella Version 1

Synopsis: This panto follows the traditional story, which sees Cinderella cruelly treated by h..


Cinderella Version 2

Synopsis: The out of control spending of his two stepdaughters is bringing Baron Hardup to the ..


Cinderella Version 3

Synopsis: Baron Hardup owes Count de Cash rent arrears and is being threatened with evicti..


Cinderella Version 4

Synopsis: Baroness Hardup cannot repay her payday loans and is being threatened with the bailif..


Cinderella Version 5

Synopsis: The timeless tale of a young girl who dreams of marrying a Prince and living happily ..


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